The New Generation of Anti-Splash Urinal Screens. x


Save Money with SplashGuard!

Stretch your maintenance dollars by using Splash Guard anti-splash urinal screens. For only $1.00 per month, you’ll have splash free, maintenance
free urinals.

Lasts Up To 90 Days – 3x Longer than any other urinal screen!

100% recycled materials and made in the USA!

Support American Manufacturers

A message from Mike Suski, CEO of Suska Industries, LLC:
For the last year we have not profited from the sale of SplashGuard. Due to economic responsibilities SplashGuard must return to the original pricing of $3.00 per pad, but we continue to have our product made in the United States as we always have and always will support American manufacturers and the American economy.

Despite traditional business practice and urging from multiple sources, I refuse to have my product made overseas in China for a fraction of the cost I pay here in the United States.

flagUnlike most of my competitors, I’m taking a stand and putting my money where my mouth is by not selling out our American
manufacturing economy.

I refuse to utilize the Chinese slave labor work force to reap profits at the expense of our independence, our way of life, and by contributing to a runaway trade deficit with China. If you feel the same way I do, buy American when possible!!

SplashGuard Features

The following are just a sampling of benefits that SplashGuard provides:

  • Eliminates unsanitary urine splash back
  • Costs ONLY $1.00/month
  • Deodorizes up to 90 days, 3x longer than current products
  • 100% recycled materials and made in the USA
  • Reduces spread of infectious disease such as hepatitis
  • Green and Earth Friendly – click here to see how
  • Saves water and money by minimizing flushUrinal Splash Guard
  • Reduces restroom maintenance
  • Prevents obstruction of drainage by foreign objects